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Novicorp WinToFlash PRO / Business : No Setup To Create Portable USB Drive. Added button to download ISO file from WinToFlash directly in .Here is the beta of the new 3.0.1 patch for League of Legends which is currently in testing. We’ll have a better idea on the new features when it’s released a few hours later. What we can say now is that it’s mostly bugfixing and some minor tweaks.

The patch notes for each champion is listed in the bottom of this post.

Champion updated


Pyro’s Passive has changed. Now it reduces the cooldown on Pyro’s fireball by 3/6 seconds.


Kassadin’s passive has changed. His passive has been replaced by the AOE Kill Command ability.

He now starts with 15% AD and 30% magical damage.


All game modes now have 1 time per wave and 1 time per round. 2 times per round can now be “taken”.

Game Mode

Ardan’s Last Stand: Before, a player could click on a bomb and have their ability restored 3 times. The player would also gain 60% reduced movement speed, which lasted as long as they had that ability off cooldown.

Now, that ability will last for the whole current damage wave and then the rest of it will be spent immediately.

Players can now press on a bomb and enter charged mode. This would fire all bombs at once. This will cost one cycle to activate, with the duration lasting until the next time it is used.


Blitzcrank’s passive has changed. He now generates a shield for himself, if he’s not killed, when he deals magic damage to an enemy champion. The shield deals 80% of magic damage received and disappears after 10 seconds. The

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