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Mar 20, 2011

Ivy League vs. Big Ten in Hinske Championship round of NCAA tournament


11 Beezly Roonboek, De Boek 14:5, NY, 2011, 18 Foto's (€2.50), Deelijke plaatselijke kranten

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You need to use tar. More info on that is here
The syntax you are looking for is:
tar cfvz inputfile.tar.gz dir_to_extract

“Of all the unwise words ever spoken, the worst are, “I’m sorry.” That is not a sentence. It’s a plea for understanding, and only a fool thinks he understands anything. You say you’re sorry because, well, you are. It doesn’t mean you’re admitting responsibility or forgiving the other person. It simply means you’re admitting that you’re at fault.

I don’t know how you arrived at your predicament in the first place, but if you keep the “I’m sorry” in your heart, you will grow out of it. I know, I’ve seen it. I’m not sure how old you are, so excuse me if I’m thinking too much past the teenagers. I’m sure you’re not, but it seems like you’re the kind of person who would probably resent the idea that the only reason you say it is because you’re sorry. Which makes it a false statement. It’s a lie.

I am sorry for you. I mean, I’m sorry for what’s happened to you. I am sorry you’re sitting here mourning your so-called “untimely death.” But I am not sorry I am sorry. I am also not sorry I’m sorry. I am sorry, period. It’s just what I do.

Now, maybe I’m projecting because I have a small feeling of guilt for being so awesome, but I’m also a complete narcissist who believes there is nothing anyone should feel guilty about. How else can I explain my excitement at the thought of finally being able to say “I’m sorry” without feeling like some self-satisfied jerk?

For the record, you are not the first person I’ve ever lost touch with. I haven’t talked to my family since 1994, and I haven’t contacted my friends in probably the same amount of time, but I still get the occasional text message from old acquaintances letting me know they’re not

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