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For the past week I have been sick, making my usual trek to the disgusting bathroom 24/7. Ha! All I have been doing is eating, eating, and eating. Thus, I am particularly thrilled to be visiting with ONE of the most talented and creative chefs I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

I have a new found respect for chefs. I love making food, and I love cooking food, but there is something about the world of chefs, where they live and breathe their trade, that fascinates me. To me, they are working to create something beautiful, and I cannot help but look up and be moved by what I witness. Below are my favourite images of chefs (as I perceive them) that were curated from around the internet over the past week.

My friend, Chef Mike Cowell, is pretty much the coolest in the culinary world. Not only is he known for his recipes, but he is a culinary artist. Below is a video featuring some of his work with the Royal Society of Canada’s Culinary Arts Program.

Chef Justin Warner is the owner/chef at The Oakwood Hotel and Restaurant in Vancouver, which I have been lucky enough to experience a few times. Despite the fact that he is in his late twenties, his passion for cooking and food is quite incredible and the proof is in the following video.

I am a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain, and his food show “Parts Unknown” on CNN has left me hungry for more. No doubt, Anthony has covered a vast amount of cuisine and I am impressed that he has lived in so many great cities around the

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But if that’s not enough, then what about the support these new Conservative supporters are receiving from the BBC? This is what happened on the last programme.

"Quite frankly, of course, you're speaking to a nice couple from Gloucester who might just be thinking of voting Conservative tomorrow, but who are at the moment receiving very strong financial support and therefore they'll vote Tory for the next four years of their lives.

“Well, it's very hard work being a Conservative. I don't think it's hard work being a Labour supporter or a Green supporter."

And this on the Daily Politics after the debate:

"There was a lot of it last night. It was quite good. Michael Moore was a bit weary, and he's a lot better now. But I thought the start was a bit slow."

Is this what the BBC is supposed to do? Give unqualified support to any party?

Those of us who have set our alarm for 7.30am tomorrow morning will be wondering if our PC will be occupied in a job interview.

A University college near me with an ex-politician was, and this is what happened.

"Senior management have asked me to observe the interview tomorrow. They've not said anything to me about what they expect. But it will be interesting to see how it pans out."

Conservative supporters will be wondering how "interesting" the content and conduct of the programme will be. How can you expect to walk into an interview with an interview panel with no preconceived ideas whatsoever, but still expect to influence the outcome?

Well, you can only do what you have set out to do. And that's supposed to be what the BBC is about. To inform, educate, encourage and entertain.

It's not supposed to be some kind of running commentary on the pre-selected agenda of any party.

But how did the Daily Politics completely ignore the fact that Cameron had begun to respond to all questions and comments in a complete and verbatim way?

The decision has been made. The studios have been booked, the next is at 7.30am tomorrow morning. And whatever views you

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